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Direct Mail Achieves 3x ROI when paired with Digital Intelligence

By February 25, 2018 No Comments

Combining direct mail with data marketing intelligence 2017 2018

By Angela Baum & Danni Eickenhorst

Pairing Digital Tools with Direct Mail Achieves 3x ROI on Marketing Spend

Marketing Automation and marketing intelligence are both hot topics right now for marketers of all types. What does this mean for your business? When every week, it seems like there’s a shiny new marketing tool available to your business, where should you put your focus in order to ensure your business is “futureproof” and competitive?

Why is Marketing Automation Important to Your Business?

When we discuss marketing automation we are referring to using a variety of tools and programs that automate your marketing actions – putting them on autopilot in some ways – while still personalizing the marketing messages. As inbound marketing has grown to be the standard for marketing in recent years, businesses are juggling more channels than ever – from email to social media, blog posts, forums, and more.

Marketing automation puts many of your marketing tasks on autopilot – providing 24/7 responsiveness and activity from your brand – even when your team of marketing employees is at home or on vacation. Traditional marketing wisdom is “7 touches to make a sale.” By automating some of those touches to happen automatically, you can nurture prospects and leads much more quickly, resulting in a shorter, more reliable sales cycle. 

With ReachDynamics, we can automate your follow up with website visitors – providing automatic direct mail messages with additional information, discounts or other enticements and education. What’s more – we are able to target these to website visitors who left without converting or providing any contact information.

Direct Mail Statistics Infographic 2017 2018

Why is Direct Mail Marketing Still Relevant to Your Business?

While a lot of companies have converted solely to contact their customers via social media or emails, direct mail is still a viable option. By sending out personalized letters or postcards to your clients you are reintroducing your company, and services and products. In your postcards or letters also include an exclusive offer that they will not find anywhere else, enticing them to stop by and visit your site again. As a consumer, yourself you probably get direct mail daily in your mailbox, and still probably use a lot of those offers and coupons to try out new places you wouldn’t normally have tried before. That is why direct mail is still relevant in today’s society. We are always still looking for a great deal or bargain, but sometimes with our busy lives, we may have forgotten about a website we visited a few days ago. By sending out these direct mail postcards you are reminding them to come back, and give you another try.

This form of advertising is also useful if you are selling a high dollar item. A lot of time when people might have to invest a lot of money into something they want to research and educate themselves before pulling the trigger and making that purchase. By reaching out to them you are starting to build that bridge of trust, you are allowing them time to educate themselves and think on their high dollar purchase without added pressure.

Pairing Marketing Data with Direct Mail to Convert Your Prospects

A recent study by the Data & Marketing Association showed that print is still impactful, interesting and POWERFUL. While the rate of direct mail sends has decreased, the response rate has increased year-over-year by an impressive 43%. As marketers are shifting their budgets toward digital, the clutter is being cleared away and those that choose to send direct mail follow-ups are able to stand out in new ways.

Marketers that paired direct mail with business intelligence data about website browsing and behaviors were able to achieve an astounding 190% increase in their direct mail conversions. In a digitally-dominated world, this is something worth paying attention to.

Direct Mail Remarketing Can Lead to 200% Increase on Your Conversion Rates

A recent case study we published showcased our work with a national debt counseling service who chose to retarget their website visitors with direct mail retargeting for a lead generation campaign. Because their sales cycle is longer and requires some relationship building, they felt it would be helpful to provide follow-up information to prospective clients, rather than a hard sell.

This tact has seen incredible success. It’s been helpful to their prospects and successful for their bottom line. So far they have seen impressive results by using both direct mail marketing and direct mail remarketing. 2x higher lead conversion rates, meaning they are seeing two times more visitors who would have left and never came back. Are now turning into converted paying customers. They also have a seen a 51.8% increase in their overall revenue. 

By using our tools here at ReachDynamics like direct mail retargeting, you can reach out to those visitors and try to start a conversation with them again. Offering them exclusive one-of-a-kind offers they would not have seen on your site or additional information on your services, will entice them to come back again to see what your company has to offer. Using direct mail campaigns, you are now not solely relying on just email marketing, but also marketing straight to their home. In this way, you’re ensuring that you are reaching them regardless of their preferred communication methods.

Direct mail retargeting is an ideal blend of traditional marketing methods and newer marketing intelligence. To see how ReachDynamics can improve your marketing automation contact one our dedicated team members today.


Danni Eickenhorst

Danni Eickenhorst

Danni Eickenhorst is an award-winning social and digital marketing expert. She heads up the marketing and public relations efforts of ReachDynamics. As CEO of Blank Page Consulting, she previously oversaw marketing for organizations including The Salvation Army of Greater St. Louis, Great Rivers Greenway, Made for Freedom, and the OASIS Institute, among others. She received the 2016 HBA Award for Social Media Marketing and Governor Jay Nixon’s 2014 Inaugural Leadership Award for her work on his 100 Missouri Miles campaign. She has been recognized as one of St. Louis’s “People on the Move,” by the St. Louis Business Journal. She serves as an Advisory Member of the St. Louis Social Media Club, and on the Sales & Marketing Committee for the Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri.

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