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13 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Direct Mail in a Digital World

Plus: 4 Ways to Combine Digital + Direct Mail for Your Direct Response Campaigns Today!

For many marketers, a reliance on digital marketing efforts makes sense in so many ways. Digital tools allow for easy targeting, easy attribution, and campaign launches at lightning speed, but they are also subject to a level of marketing fatigue and consumer filtering – leading to increasing ad spends and longer conversion lags.

Direct mail, on the other hand, has historically been clunky, cumbersome and lacking accurate conversion attribution. Because of this, many digital marketers have made the assumption that direct mail is dead – but that truly couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In her recent article “13 Facts About Direct Mail That Will Make You Want to Launch a New Campaign Right Now,” CallSource’s Casandra Ciopryna breaks down some of most clear and compelling reasons that direct mail may be the missing piece in your direct response marketing efforts:

Direct mail has higher response rates than other types of marketing campaigns, especially when personalized.

  1. Direct mail household response rate is 5.1% (compared to .6% email, .6% paid search, .2% online display, .4% social media). This is the highest response rate the DMA has ever reported, since coming out with the Response Rate Report in 2003.1
  2. Adding a person’s name and full color in the direct mail can increase response by 135%.1
  3. Targeting customers on a 1:1 level increases response rates up to 50% or more.1
  4. 40% of consumers try new businesses after receiving direct mail.2

Most people seem to find direct mail a more personal way of marketing than other types.

  1. 59% of U.S. respondents and 65% of Canadian respondents agreed with the following statement, “I enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.”2
  2. 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.2
  3. 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet.2
  4. Personalized print media has a more powerful presence than a personalized email, because the audience can recognize that it takes more effort to customize print media than digital.2

Even Millennials respond to direct mail.

  1. Among 18 to 24-year-olds, 69% say they prefer print and paper communications to reading off a screen.4
  2. When asked, “Which is more effective at getting you to take action?” 30% of millennials said direct mail, 24% said email.3
  3. The response rate for direct mail among people aged 18-21 years old is 12.4%.1

Direct mail can work hand-in-hand with the internet.

  1. The top response rate tracking methods are online tracking such as PURLs (61%), call center or telephone (53%), and code or coupon (42%).1
  2. 90% visit the website first before calling.5

Seeing the value of direct mail in a digital world, ReachDynamics has developed a suite of Digital Direct Mail® solutions that allow you to combine digital with direct mail for higher conversion rates. Brands can target their audiences in 4 ways:

1. Site Abandonment: Connect with your lost website visitors via direct mail in order to convert them from lost to lead, from bounce to buyer.

2. Email to Direct MailConvert your email list into a direct mail list with our data matching tools to reach your audience online and offline.

3. Triggered CRM: Send direct mail campaigns based on CRM triggers or online activity.

4. Radius Amplify™Amplify your message around a specific location.

Connect with our team to find out how you can blend the best of digital with direct mail to reach your prospects and drive conversions in new ways.  Contact us to learn more and get started.


Danni Eickenhorst

Danni Eickenhorst

Danni Eickenhorst is an award-winning social and digital marketing expert. She heads up the marketing and public relations efforts of ReachDynamics. As CEO of Blank Page Consulting, she previously oversaw marketing for organizations including The Salvation Army of Greater St. Louis, Great Rivers Greenway, Made for Freedom, and the OASIS Institute, among others. She received the 2016 HBA Award for Social Media Marketing and Governor Jay Nixon’s 2014 Inaugural Leadership Award for her work on his 100 Missouri Miles campaign. She has been recognized as one of St. Louis’s “People on the Move,” by the St. Louis Business Journal. She serves as an Advisory Member of the St. Louis Social Media Club, and on the Sales & Marketing Committee for the Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri.

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