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Nationwide Home Builder Sells 5 Homes By Retargeting 838 Site Visitors with Direct Mail

By September 1, 2019 No Comments


A nationwide home builder wanted to understand whether triggering direct mail to anonymous web site visitors could help drive new homes sales.


During a 90-day period, the home builder decided to test site abandonment for 3 of their nationwide new home communities.  For each community, they decided to create a 6-week drip of 6×9 postcards to anonymous web site visitors, with each drip message in the sequence containing a different message and promotion.

Why Direct Mail?

The client indicated that the average decision period for purchasing a home in their communities was between 90 to 120 days and felt that leveraging the direct mail channel would help create brand trust and reiterate the value of their communities and the quality of their homes.


120 days after their drip campaigns were complete, the client leveraged ReachDynamics’ built-in attribution analysis tool to determine whether those who received the direct mail drip ultimately purchased homes in the select communities which were targeted.  For the 3 home communities targeted during the 90-day period, a total of 838 unique anonymous web site visitors received the escalated 6-week direct mail drip sequence.  Of those users, ReachDynamics had direct attribution on the direct mail sent for 5 exact home sales.

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