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Case Studies

Vision Insurance Provider Boosts Conversion Rate 43% Using Direct Mail Site Abandonment

By September 12, 2019 No Comments


A nationwide vision insurance provider wanted to test the conversion lift when anonymous web site visitors that did not convert on their site were retargeted with a direct mail piece.


For a 30-day period, the vision insurance provider ran a test of a site abandonment campaign with a 65% hold back, or control group.  During this test period, 35% of annoymous web site visitors that did not convert were automatically triggered a single 4×6 post card, while 65% did not.  In this way, we were able to measure the conversion rate of those users that received a post card from this insurance provider versus those that did not.

Why Direct Mail?

The insurance provider recognized that their sales cycle was longer and thought that a personal direct mail touch during the decision-making process could influence the purchase decision and drive increased conversions.


120 days after the campaign, the client leveraged ReachDynamics’ built-in attribution analysis tool to analyze the conversion rate of the 65% of visitors who did not receive a post card, versus the 35% of those who did.  The analysis showed that the conversion rate on those that received a post card after leaving the site converted at a rate 43% higher than those who did not receive a post card after their visit.









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