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Auto Dealer Achieves $34 CPA using Digital Direct Mail® Site Abandonment Solution

By September 11, 2019 No Comments
Site Abandonment Auto Case Study


A Virginia auto dealership partnered with ReachDynamics to drive more in-store visitors. They were eager to try new strategies to retarget shoppers who viewed their vehicles online. ReachDynamics suggested their Marketing Manager try its Digital Direct Mail® Site Abandonment solution and they allocated a small budget to incentivize online shoppers with relevant offers – right in their physical mail boxes.


When anonymous online shoppers looked at vehicles on the dealership’s website, ReachDynamics was able to identify approximately 30% of these visitors. ReachDynamics automatically triggered a direct mail piece to interested shoppers with an offer in the mail for the exact car they were browsing.


Why Direct Mail?

Connecting with potential buyers at their homes speeds up the decision-making process by facilitating the conversation about purchasing a vehicle, since 94% of all auto purchase decisions involve home.

Why Direct Mail


During a 30-day test period, ReachDynamics retargeted 262 anonymous online vehicle shoppers with a 4×6 post card.  The test campaign yielded 7 car sales, 4 of which exactly matched the vehicle on the creative on the post card they received.  Ultimately the test campaign yielded the desired results and with a minimal advertising spend of just $34 per vehicle sold.

Auto Case Study Results




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