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Imagine: Social and Direct Mail Living In Harmony

By November 22, 2019 No Comments

ReachDynamics is proud to announce the beta release of our social ad bolt on for all direct mail sends to compliment our current email bolt on.

With our social ad bolt on, all Digital Direct Mail® sends now have the ability to post a Facebook & Instagram ad at the same time.  For clients choosing to leverage this option, they can connect their Facebook page(s) and Instagram page(s) directly in the ReachDynamics platform.  Once clients connect their page(s), they can then create one or more Facebook ad creatives in the ReachDynamics platform.

Upon creating a direct mail campaign in the ReachDynamics platform, clients are then provided the opportunity to bolt on social creatives to each campaign.  If this option is selected, ReachDynamics will automatically post all send data to a custom audience in Facebook and display ads will seamlessly run in Facebook and Instagram for 30 days from the direct mail send date, with integrated reporting in the ReachDyanmics platform.

From a pricing perspective, we wanted to remain true to our transparent pay-per-piece pricing and have priced our social bolt on a flat pay-per-piece basis so there are no unexpected costs on each send.

ReachDynamics is proud to continuously reshape the direct mail space and provide our clients with the ability to seamlessly reach prospects and customers online and offline from a single portal.

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