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Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Identify your lost website visitors, and follow-up via email and direct mail with our advanced retargeting tools.

Better Than Shopping Cart Abandonment

Recover lost carts without having an email address.

No Risk. Just Reward.

Pay only for the sales and leads you capture with email remarketing. Low all-in-one fee for direct mail retargeting.

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Increase Holiday Sales Ecommerce Remarketing and Conversion

3 Holiday E-Commerce Marketing Tips for 2017

Get Prepared Now to Boost Online Sales with your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Campaigns Online sales during 2016’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping weekend was a multi-billion dollar business. According to Adobe, which tracks the holiday...
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CAKE & ReachDynamics partner to help brands capture more leads

ReachDynamics email and direct mail marketing solutions are a seamless addition to any inbound marketing strategy. Marketing intelligence platform CAKE by Accelerize offers ReachDynamics email remarketing as a value-add tool to empower their brands, publishers, and...
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Increase Online Sales This Holiday Season With One Simple Tool Email Remarketing ReachDynamics

Increase Online Sales This Holiday Season with One Simple Tool

E-Commerce Retailers Can Increase Online Sales Conversion Rates with CPA Email Retargeting Program For many online retailers, the holiday season represents 20 to 40% of their overall sales for the year. The higher that percentage, the more important it is...
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survey push notifications marketing tools

SURVEY: Do you use push notifications in your marketing?

This week, Entrepreneur magazine listed push notifications as a marketing tool "your business needs to try." As we look at ways to help you convert prospects and market your business more effectively, we want to know how you feel about push notifications. Are you...
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6 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates Now EMAIL REMARKETING DIRECT MAIL RETARGETING

6 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates Now

We live in a world of instant gratification where consumers want to get their product or information quickly from websites and then move onto other tasks. As an E-Commerce Marketer, this may reflect as a steady traffic flow to your site, but are those visitors...
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Guide to Facebook Retargeting

Everything I Know About Retargeting on Facebook And Then Some

Guest Post by Kyler Patterson (@TheKylerP) If you’re not using retargeting (or remarketing) for your business, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Almost every major advertising platform will allow you to do some retargeting. For HostGator, I’ve generated a...
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Combining direct mail with data marketing intelligence 2017 2018

Direct Mail Achieves 3x ROI when paired with Digital Intelligence

By Angela Baum & Danni Eickenhorst Pairing Digital Tools with Direct Mail Achieves 3x ROI on Marketing Spend Marketing Automation and marketing intelligence are both hot topics right now for marketers of all types. What does this mean for your business? When every...
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How to identify anonymous website visitors and close the sale reachdynamics retargeting

How To Identify Anonymous Website Visitors & Close The Sale

Top Tips for Converting More Website Visitors into Sales & Leads By Angela Baum You have a bold and captivating website, strong branding, and a service that provides unparalleled value, but you are noticing that your visitors are not making it past your home page....
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How to Maximize Your Results with ReachDynamics Retargeting

How to Maximize Your Results with ReachDynamics Retargeting

By: Danni Eickenhorst You've decided to launch a retargeting campaign with ReachDynamics email remarketing or direct mail retargeting, but how can you maximize the impact of this powerful new tool? In today's article, we'll explore the nature of these marketing tools...
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affiliate marketing E-COMMERCE CONVERSIONS LOST SALES RECOVERED reachdynamics

Affiliate Marketing Agency partners with ReachDynamics for Remarketing Emails

Email Remarketing Recovers 566 Sales for E-Commerce Client Goodsell Marketing is a premier online marketing agency specializing in the management of CPA or affiliate marketing programs for its clients. Laura Goodsell and her team run affiliate marketing programs for...
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“We’ve been able to recover several hundred orders that would have otherwise been lost, which has resulted in significant incremental revenue. We can’t recommend ReachDynamics highly enough. Email remarketing has been a powerful tool for our strategy.”

Trevor Schain

Sr. Marketing Manager, TireBuyer

“As their trusted source for marketing strategy and direction, every time that I’m able to bring a new idea to my clients – especially a new tool that is so cutting edge – it makes me look like a hero. I’ll continue using email remarketing – and can’t wait to branch out into direct mail too.”

Laura Goodsell

Affiliate Marketing Expert, Goodsell Marketing

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