Digital Direct Mail™


Deliver a personal real world touch in response to online activity with Digital Direct Mail™.

Still one of the top-converting methods of communication in a digital world, direct mail campaigns paired with our remarketing capabilities have realized a return on marketing investment as high as 300%. Our Digital Direct Mail™ solutions enable you to connect in new ways with both known and unknown prospects.

Digital Direct Mail™ allows you to take real world action on digital intent – by delivering a physical message direct to the homes of prospects within 24 to 48 hours of their online actions.

Email to Direct Mail

Do you have an existing list of email addresses that are no longer engaging in the way that you’d hoped — or a list of unsubscribers that you’d like to reach out to one more time? Match your email contacts with mailing address information and send them a direct mail message that stands out and converts.

• Easy setup and send.

• Upload for a batch send, or

• Connect with your CRM for triggered postcard sends.

Website Retargeting

Identify your anonymous website visitors who left without convert and send follow-up digital direct mail to convert.

• Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

• Match Mailing Address Information, and

• Send Direct Mail Follow-Up to Convert.

CRM to Direct Mail

Connect your CRM data feed with ReachDyamics platform to trigger direct mail delivery to your existing list based on any variety of inputs, including:

• Birthdays
• New product releases
• Product announcements
• Suggested product/service promotion
• Website activity,
• Cart abandonment, and more.

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