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Every day, you work hard to bring people to your website – and yet a great many leave without resulting in new leads and sales. At ReachDynamics, we offer two revolutionary ways for you to recycle your existing website traffic in order to achieve a higher rate of conversion from visitors. Through email remarketing and direct mail retargeting, you can follow-up with website visitors who left without taking a desired action (purchase, subscription, or contact) – and you can automatically follow-up with them by email or direct mail, even if they left without providing their contact information.

Identifying Bounced Website Visitors

Our VisitorID technology leverages a growing database of 350,000,000+ opt-in cookies, allowing us to match your visitors’ information with their correct contact information in order to send these email and direct mail follow-ups.

When someone visits your website and doesn’t convert, our system can identify them and immediately follow-up via email to convert. This pixel based retargeting method is fully CAN-SPAM compliant, and highly effective. This service is available on a cost per acquisition (CPA) basis – meaning that you don’t pay unless we achieve sales and leads on your behalf through our automated tools.

Automated to fit your strategy, this tools offers you an effective strategic tool that can increase your conversion rate by 10% or more.

Re-Connect with Lost Website Visitors
When someone visits your website and doesn’t convert, our system can identify them and immediately follow-up via direct mail (sent within 24 hours of their visit). Send your choice of a 4×6 or 6×9 postcard. Click here to learn more about Digital Direct Mail™.

Event-Triggered Direct Mail

Connect ReachDynamics with your CRM data to deliver action-based direct mail campaigns that will drive response, engagement, and conversions. Digital Direct Mail campaigns can ship a timely direct mail message to your prospect based on their:

• Activity or Inactivity
• Website Interactions
• Cart Abandonment
• Anniversary or Birth dates
• Recent purchase history & more!

Click here to learn more about Digital Direct Mail™.

Send Direct Mail to Your Email List

Do you have an existing list of email addresses that are no longer engaging with your emails – or a list of unsubscribers that you’d like to reach out o in a new way? Simply upload your email list into the ReachDynamics platform and we’ll match your email contacts with mailing address information and send them a direct mail message that stands out and converts. Send mail to your email list to stand out and convert.

•  Easy set up & send.
•  Upload for a batch send, or
•  Connect with your CRM for triggered postcard sends.

Click here to learn more about Digital Direct Mail™.

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Identify anonymous website visitors & convert them with email remarketing and direct mail retargeting by ReachDynamics.

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