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Every day, you work hard to bring people to your website – and yet a great many leave without resulting in new leads and sales. At ReachDynamics, we offer two revolutionary ways for you to recycle your existing website traffic in order to achieve a higher rate of conversion from visitors. Through email remarketing and direct mail retargeting, you can follow-up with website visitors who left without taking a desired action (purchase, subscription, or contact) – and you can automatically follow-up with them by email or direct mail, even if they left without providing their contact information.

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Identifying Bounced Website Visitors

Our VisitorID technology leverages a growing database of 350,000,000+ opt-in cookies, allowing us to match your visitors’ information with their correct contact information in order to send these email and direct mail follow-ups.

Email Remarketing

This service is available on a cost per acquisition (CPA) basis – meaning that you don’t pay unless we achieve sales and leads on your behalf through our automated tools.

Automated to fit your strategy, this tools offers you an effective strategic tool that can increase your conversion rate by 10% or more.

If you have traffic of 30,000 or more unique visitors each month, this tool may be ideal for your marketing strategy. Contact our team to learn more.

Click here to learn more about email remarketing & to see example campaigns.

Direct Mail Retargeting

With direct mail retargeting, you can send a follow-up touch to customers who considered your services or products and chose not to move forward. This tool is especially effective for sales processes that have a longer consideration phase. Our clients have reported 3x ROI and more for their investment in direct mail remarketing.

Postcards start at $0.65 each to include data matching, print, and send. Contact our team to discuss your direct mail remarketing strategy.

Click here to learn more about direct mail remarketing & to see example campaigns.

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“We’ve been able to recover several hundred orders that would have otherwise been lost, which has resulted in significant incremental revenue. We can’t recommend ReachDynamics highly enough. Email remarketing has been a powerful tool for our strategy.”

-Trevor Schain, TireBuyer