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Brands are increasingly seeing that timely and relevant direct mail campaigns offer them an opportunity stand-out from their competitors’ digital noise. When follow-up phone calls and awareness remarketing efforts fall on deaf ears, ReachDynamics email remarketing and direct mail retargeting tools provide opportunities for brands to captive and re-engage their audience.

New Remarketing Tools as a Catalyst for Conversion

Traditional marketing wisdom over the years has driven brands to develop websites that are a magnet for traffic – providing both informational and transactional value to their target audience. Many brands can attest that while this strategy has built a strong brand relationship and consumer confidence, it is not always a direct and expedient path to a conversion. Consider Hubspot, a brand that has built a considerable library of sales tools and free downloadable guides for marketers. While their site drives daily traffic, many marketers simply take advantage of their tools without ever seriously considering engaging the company for its CRM or other services.

Consumers have grown used to content marketer tactics and are growing resistant to the constant barrage of targeted ads, phone calls, and emails that result in their taking advantage of a free download. However, if your website has been developed in such a way that a consumer’s activity on your website is a signal of interest, timely follow-ups will close more sales.


Email Remarketing 

When a potential customer visits your website and leaves without providing contact information or making a purchase, ReachDynamics allows brands to follow up via email for a second chance to convert them into a sale or lead – even if the visitor did not provide contact information. Leveraging our network of more than 300,000,000 opt-in cookies we are able to identify and email your anonymous bounced visitors in order to drive more conversions.

The follow-ups may be targeted based on the visitor’s behavior on the website, with language personalized to their area of interest.

Direct Mail Remarketing

Similarly, ReachDynamics is able to follow-up via targeted direct mail with individuals who have left your website without converting or providing their contact information.

Furthermore, with our direct mail remarketing tools, your brand has the unique opportunity to personalize the direct mail piece sent to your contact, based on their website activity. If they show interest in a particular service or product, but they don’t progress on to the next phase in a traditional sales funnel (an email sign up or contact, for example), ReachDynamics is able to automatically send a timely and relevant direct mail postcard in order to drive a decision.

 As you look at your marketing strategy, with an eye toward conversion of sales & leads, consider email and direct mail remarketing tools from ReachDynamics.

Danni Eickenhorst

Danni Eickenhorst

Danni Eickenhorst is an award-winning social and digital marketing expert. She heads up the marketing and public relations efforts of ReachDynamics. As CEO of Blank Page Consulting, she previously oversaw marketing for organizations including The Salvation Army of Greater St. Louis, Great Rivers Greenway, Made for Freedom, and the OASIS Insitute, among others. She received the 2016 HBA Award for Social Media Marketing and Governor Jay Nixon’s 2014 Inaugural Leadership Award for her work on his 100 Missouri Miles campaign. She has been recognized as one of St. Louis’s “People on the Move,” by the St. Louis Business Journal. She serves as an Advisory Member of the St. Louis Social Media Club, and on the Sales & Marketing Committee for the Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri.

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