Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

Email Remarketing

Email remarketing is available to you RISK-FREE. You only pay when our efforts result in a lead or sale. (CPA or CPL)

Digital Direct Mail™

Pay one low cost per piece for everything – starting at $0.65 per piece. Your cost includes data matching, printing & postage.

Contact us for a quote.

Are these services available for businesses located outside the United States?

In order to ensure full compliance with national and international laws, we only work with companies based in the US at this time.

Do you have any minimum traffic requirements that customers need to meet in order to qualify for your services?

Our tools work best for companies that have a steady stream of targeted, qualified visitors. Email and direct mail remarketing provide a second chance to make your pitch. To ensure success, you want this pitch to be sent to qualified leads.

While there is no minimum traffic requirement at this time, we do recommend a minimum of 30,000 targeted visitors each month.

Is this a cart abandonment tool?

This is an abandonment solution to help you recapture sales lost when visitors leave the site before they even added anything to their cart. Our email & direct mail remarketing tools work well in tandem with traditional cart abandonment tools, but our tools allow you to reach a greater number of potential sales.

Are there any contracts or commitments?

No. We work from the standard terms of a merchant’s affiliate program. This allows merchants to withdraw from our program at any time.

What is your average conversion rate?

Conversion rates vary depending on the offer, the product, and the quality of website visitors. We see conversion rates range between 10 and 49%.

How do I install my ReachDynamics pixels?

How to Add ReachDynamics Pixels

When you’re set up with ReachDynamics and ready to begin, we will provide you with two pixels:

• Visitor Tracking Pixel (Landing Page Pixel): Place on your landing page or entire website – wherever you wish to track visitors. This pixel allows ReachDynamics to identify anonymous users who visit your web site. If you only want to target visitors to a specific page, you may place the ReachDynamics Visitor Tracking tag only on your landing page. However, in general it is best to place the Visitor Tracking tag on all pages by adding the tag to your web site template.


• Conversion Tracking Pixel: Place on your confirmation page that visitors see once they’ve taken the desired activity. The Conversion Tracking tag allows ReachDynamics to negative target visitors who convert (exclude them from marketing emails). This tag should be placed on your order confirmation page or thank you page.

Where should my pixels be placed?

Your Visitor Tracking Pixel should be placed on our primary landing page that you wish to target – or, ideally, on every page of your website. If you wish to place on one page only, then you’ll want to copy and paste this code into the body where your HTML code would go. If you wish to add to every page on your site, add it to the header or footer file. In some website template files, you’ll find this between <head> and </head> in your header.php file or between <footer> and </footer> in your footer.php file.

Your Conversion Tracking Pixel should only be placed on your confirmation page.

Can I use a third party tag management system?

Absolutely. If you use a third party tag management system (Tealium, Ensighten, Google Tag Manager, etc.), you may leverage this system to place the ReachDynamics Visitor Tracking tag.

How do we pair this with our existing cart abandonment solution?

If you have an existing cart abandonment solution in place, you may also place the Conversion Tracking tag on your checkout page to ensure these users do not also receive an email from ReachDynamics.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free contact us.