Better than Cart Abandonment.

Email remarketing and Digital Direct Mail™ tools from ReachDynamics are the missing piece in your marketing strategy. Our innovative retargeting methods allow you to follow up with the prospects behind your lost sales even if you don't have their contact information. Utilizing our VisitorID technology, you can follow up with your lost prospects whether or not they've abandoned a cart, even if they've never purchased from you in the past.

The average eCommerce store loses over 75% of potential sales AFTER a prospect has added a product to their cart with an intention to purchase. While many solutions exist to follow up with these prospects, none are as robust or effective as the remarketing tools developed by ReachDynamics.

When a potential customer visits an e-commerce website, and leaves without converting – signing up for email, or making a purchase – ReachDynamics enables retailers to harness its network of rich data to contact that visitor and make one more pitch for the sale.

Our email retargeting and direct mail remarketing tools differ from cart abandonment solutions that typically require the retailer to have contact information for the visitor – as a subscriber or past purchaser – in order to make contact.

Within 24 hours, a targeted Digital Direct Mail™ piece can be dropped in the mail to arrive at the prospect's home. When the prospect opens their mailbox and pulls out the day's mail, they'll be surprised and delighted to see the same branding and messaging they interacted with online greeting them in person.

Within minutes, ReachDynamics' email remarketing tool can identify the visitor and locate their email address to deliver a follow-up offer designed to get them to convert.

Contact us to find out if our website abandonment and cart abandonment solutions are right for your business. FInd out how you can increase your conversion rate by 10% or more.

“We’ve been able to recover several hundred orders that would have otherwise been lost, which has resulted in significant incremental revenue. We can’t recommend ReachDynamics highly enough. Email remarketing has been a powerful tool for our strategy.”

-Affiliate Marketing Manager, TireBuyer