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3 Holiday E-Commerce Marketing Tips for 2017

Get Prepared Now to Boost Online Sales with your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Campaigns

Online sales during 2016’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping weekend was a multi-billion dollar business. According to Adobe, which tracks the holiday shopping data from more than 100 top online retailers, Shoppers spent $1.9 billion online on Thanksgiving Day and another $3.3 billion on Black Friday.

Black Friday 2017 will be on November 24. Famous for its in-store brawls thanks to doorbuster deals, shoppers continue to look to online alternatives to save on their gifts without the in-store stressors. Experts are predicting Black Friday online sales to increase by 5.39% from last year, reaching 3.52 billion for Black Friday alone – $5.57 billion including Thanksgiving sales. This represents a total share of holiday sales of 11.5%.

As the holiday shopping season is creeping in closer, ecommerce realtors are met with a common dilemma – it’s their busiest time of year, but also their most important. How can they manage their marketing to maximize on sales, while meeting the demands of their increasing sales? Below, we’ll highlight the best ecommerce marketing tools & strategies to maximize your share of the online shopping revenue this holiday season.

1. Automated Holiday Marketing Emails

Better Than Abandoned Cart Tools

Every email marketing tool from Mailchimp to the most sophisticated CRM platforms provide advance email scheduling. Get your holiday emails set up and ready to send in order to get in front of those holiday shoppers who are already organized and ready to hit the buy button on the best deal that comes their way. A few recommended approaches:

  • Send your first pre-season email in October. Nearly a third of holiday shoppers polled in 2016 said they began their holiday shopping in October of earlier. Get earlybird shoppers to feel a sense of urgency – a fear of missing out – by utilizing a Limited Time offer such as a discount with purchases completed before November 1.
  • Preschedule your Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotional email with an incentive that makes the shoppers’ lives easier during this hectic time – maybe a bonus gift with purchase (one more off the shopping list!) or a discount and some language that appeals to their desire to stay out of stores during this hectic time.
  • Configure Automatic Remarketing Emails Now. ReachDynamics direct-to-inbox remarketing messages go out automatically to those who visit your website without converting. Set it and forget it – we deliver round-the-clock to ensure that your anonymous website bounces are given a second pitch to close the sale. Better than traditional abandon cart emails – these are sent to your anonymous website visitors who left without converting, even if they didn’t add a single item to their cart. Better still – they are sent to your ANONYMOUS website visitors who haven’t provided any contact information. (Yep, this is 100% CAN SPAM compliant!) Best of all – you only pay for this service when you convert a sale. Because there is some set up time required for email remarketing campaigns, it is highlight recommended that you begin setup now for your holiday push.


2. Be Ready to Recover Abandoned Carts

ECommerce Remarketing Abandoned Cart Recovery Holiday Online Sales

Here’s a scary (but true statistic) – according to a study by SeeWhy, 99% of first-time website visitors will not make a purchase on their first visit to your website. The good news? 75% of those that abandon do so with some intention to return again, perhaps making a purchase.

The study also revealed that the average time delay between the first visit and purchase is just 19 hours.

The study revealed the following about the time to purchase delay:

  • 30% purchase in less than 20 minutes
  • 50% purchase in 20 minutes to an hour
  • 60% purchase in 1 to 3 hours
  • 65% purchase in 3 to 12 hours
  • 72% purchase in 12-24 hours
  • 80% purchase in 3-7 days
  • 95% purchase in 1-2 weeks
  • 100% purchase in more than 2 weeks

Being in the right place with the right offer at the right time is critical. For that reason, it is of the utmost importance that you’re ready to retarget those who leave your website as soon as possible. Must-have remarketing options to have set up and ready to go for your holiday marketing campaigns include ReachDynamics inbox remarketing and traditional remarketing display ads.

Better than Typical Abandoned Cart Emails: Direct-to-Inbox Sales Messages to Anonymous Website Visitors

ReachDynamics identifies anonymous website visitors who don’t convert on your website and will present them with an offer designed to convert, delivered straight to the inbox. No email? No problem. Utilizing our exclusive VisitorID technology, we are able to match approximately 15% of those who leave your site anonymously with their email information, sending them a direct-to-inbox remarketing message. While typical abandoned cart tools will only email those who are already on your list as a subscriber or a past customer, email remarketing messages from ReachDynamics reach a much broader audience.

Best of all – this is a CPA remarketing tool – meaning, that you only pay when we are able to convert sales. In instances where you suspect carts are abandoned by price shoppers, sending a code with a discount or free shipping may be all the more you need to make the sale.

Segmenting Audiences with Display Remarketing

These messages executed in tandem with remarketing display campaigns through Facebook and Google Ads will help you convert the traffic that you already have into more sales. You may retarget your visitors through display advertising in a variety of ways, including:

  • All visitors to your site during a given period of time
  • All visitors to a particular page
  • All who visited but did not convert
  • Those who added to cart, and began to check out but never completed the process.

If you find yourself short on time or budget, be certain that at a minimum, you’re always retargeting those in this fourth bucket. They cost per click will be lowest, and they are far and away your warmest possible audience – resulting in a quicker conversion with a lower dedicated budget.

3. Holiday Sales Graphics: Consistent Sales Messaging Across All Channels

Ecommerce marketing conversion reachdynamics

One of our favorite marketing tools for ecommerce campaigns is Canva – a totally free & insanely easy-to-use online graphic design tool. One of the best ways that you can utilize this tool to boost your holiday sales is to decide on an overarching sales offer for the holiday season and to create a consistent visual ad for placement on all of your channels and sites. Ensure that the same brand and offer appears across all of your web properties – from website banners to Facebook banners and Twitter posts. Utilize their Magic Resizing featuring to automatically change a layout from Facebook Banner to Pinterest Post or Google Ad.

Work with ReachDynamics to Boost Your Holiday Sales. Start Now.

The time to get started on a more successful holiday marketing campaign is now. Work with our marketing conversion experts to set up your automatic email remarketing campaigns. Get ready to convert more of your visitors into sales.


Request more information. We’ll be in touch soon to talk about how we can help you find success.


Danni Eickenhorst

Danni Eickenhorst

Danni Eickenhorst is an award-winning social and digital marketing expert. She heads up the marketing and public relations efforts of ReachDynamics. As CEO of Blank Page Consulting, she previously oversaw marketing for organizations including The Salvation Army of Greater St. Louis, Great Rivers Greenway, Made for Freedom, and the OASIS Insitute, among others. She received the 2016 HBA Award for Social Media Marketing and Governor Jay Nixon’s 2014 Inaugural Leadership Award for her work on his 100 Missouri Miles campaign. She has been recognized as one of St. Louis’s “People on the Move,” by the St. Louis Business Journal. She serves as an Advisory Member of the St. Louis Social Media Club, and on the Sales & Marketing Committee for the Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri.

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