Direct Mail Retargeting

Connect with your lost website visitors through a targeted, high-converting direct mail remarketing campaign with ReachDynamics. Still one of the top-converting methods of communication in a digital world, direct mail campaigns paired with our remarketing capabilities have realized a return on marketing investment as high as 300%.

How It Works

Clients place a pixel on their website, which enables ReachDynamics to match visitor information and contact information. Once matched, website visitors that left your website without taking the desired action (purchase, subscription, contact) will be sent a follow-up offer via direct mail.

An innovative tool, this method of retargeting differs from cart abandonment solutions that typically require the retailer to have contact information for the visitor – as a subscriber or past purchaser – in order to make contact.

Direct mail retargeting is an ideal solution for sales cycles that are longer – providing an additional touch throughout the sales cycle. Pair with email remarketing for ultimate effectiveness.

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“As their trusted source for marketing strategy and direction, every time that I’m able to bring a new idea to my clients – especially a new tool that is so cutting edge – it makes me look like a hero. When it’s successful, that’s even better. I’ll continue using email remarketing – and can’t wait to branch out into direct mail too.”

-Laura Goodsell, Goodsell Marketing