Email Remarketing Leads to 200% Increase in Lead Conversion, Higher Revenues

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National Debt Relief provides consumer debt education with email remarketing & direct mail retargeting, realizes business success

Resolving debt without bankruptcy

National Debt Relief launched in 2009 in the midst of the economic downturn. As consumers were dealing with sudden and sweeping financial changes and loss of income, the company’s founder Tom Leydiker saw an opportunity to help struggling consumers. Through credit education and debt negotiation services, the company was able to help individuals and families reduce their monthly financial obligations, as they navigated very uncertain financial waters.

Eight years later, the organization has grown into one of the country’s largest and most reputable debt settlement companies with a team of more than 1,000 individuals focused on helping thousands of Americans with debt relief.

Challenge: Educating consumers & building trust

In an industry that has long been mired in controversy, National Debt Relief wanted to be a source of reliable help for consumers in need, but they knew they’d have to build a relationship with consumers over time.

“We were seeing a great number of website visitors each and every day, looking for solutions to their debt problems. We were looking for a way to ensure they got the information they needed, even if they ultimately left our website,” said Grant Eckert, Vice President of Marketing for National Debt Relief.

Solution: Email Remarketing & Direct Mail Retargeting

Eckert, who was familiar with ReachDynamics’ email remarketing solutions worked to implement a test of the product in late July 2017. Pleased with the success they saw, they recently ran their first test with ReachDynamics’ direct mail retargeting.

“Your solution is incredibly applicable to anyone in the e-commerce world dealing with abandoned cart issues,” said Eckert, “I knew it would be powerful, but being a lead generation business, I wasn’t sure if the results would be as powerful – but they were.”


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Lead Conversion Rate

Outcome: Improved Conversion Rates & Higher Revenue

National Debt Relief has been tracking the results of their remarketing & retargeting efforts very closely, and reports that they have realized two important business goals:

  • 2x Higher Lead Conversion Rates: Because of the additional education that National Debt Relief is able to provide consumers, the leads that result from the additional contact are much warmer. Historically, the company has seen 12% of lead contacts ultimately enroll in their program. Leads that are contacted through email remarketing have yielded 20-25% conversion rates.
  • 51.8% Increase in Revenue: Eckert reports that the leads that have been contacted through ReachDynamics are choosing to reach out because they have a need and they’ve developed a higher degree of trust. “We’ve seen that the specific leads we’ve worked with through ReachDynamics have generated around 51-52% higher revenues, and are potentially ‘stickier’ clients that will stick with us and find success.”

Client Satisfaction with Email Remarketing

Has email remarketing to anonymous website visitors met the expectations of Eckert and his team at National Debt Relief?

“I love working with you guys. You’ve always been incredibly engaged. You keep us apprised of our progress and about ways that we can strengthen what we’re doing. We love seeing that in a partner.”

Your solution is incredibly applicable to anyone in the e-commerce world dealing with abandoned cart issues. I knew it would be powerful, but being a lead generation business, I wasn’t sure if the results would be as powerful – but they were a powerful addition to our efforts. We love working with you guys. 

Vice President of Marketing, National Debt Relief

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Email Remarketing Success National Debt ReliefAbout National Debt Relief

The mission of National Debt Relief focused on helping individuals achieve freedom from financial debt through debt settlement. National Debt Relief works to ensure consumers are able to accomplish debt reduction with the least possible payment amount and term. Working to help Americans address financial problems, they offer credit counseling and debt consolidation as an alternative to bankruptcy. Learn more at


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