Capturing More Leads with Email Remarketing

Posted by on Mar 7, 2017 in Lead Generation, Lost Leads, Website Visitor ID

By Tim Kastner, Co-Founder of ReachDynamics

Lead Generation From Lost to LeadI recently read a statistic that said that 44% of sales people give up after one follow-up with a prospective customer. As a salesperson, I will tell you that is a hard number to hear. 

According to Hubspot’s 2016 CPL study, the average cost of a lead in any industry ranges from $11 to $100. When it takes 5 to 8 follow-ups to close an average sale, your salespeople are wasting potential sales with every lead they don’t follow up on more than once.

Did you know that 78% of website visitors will leave your site without providing you with contact information for a follow-up?

As a marketer focused on lead generation, you know that one of the greatest needs for your business is to find an effective way to convert every potential visitor into a client or customer. When visitors leave your website without providing contact information for follow-up or signing up for a next-step transaction, you are severely limiting your ability to convert them into active customers and clients.

What if there was a better way to convert lost leads? At ReachDynamics, we have the answer.

Capture lost leads without an email address

ReachDynamics gives your brand a second chance to make a good impression. When someone visits your website and leaves without providing you with information for a follow-up or transaction, our exclusive VisitorID technology helps you identify the contact information of your website bounces, and then target them with follow-up messages on email and via direct mail. Most lost lead recovery tools only work if a visitor has previously registered with your site or if they’ve provided contact information for follow-up.

This is what makes ReachDynamics BounceBack tool a truly revolutionary technology. We offer you to the opportunity to engage your lost website visitors, even if they haven’t provided any contact information. We have reconnected businesses with tens of thousands of prospective sales, and millions of dollars in recovered revenue by leveraging our VisitorID technology.

With our email remarketing tool, there is no risk – just return. We charge on a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) basis – meaning that we only bill when you acquire that elusive lead.

Recover lost leads now

Ready to convert your lost e-commerce revenue into sales? Contact us for more information and to get started!



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